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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Julian at 51 Months

Julian turned 51 months (4 years 3 months) on 28 August 2011.

Here are his updates:
  • He is very fond of narrating the video clips he watches of aeroplanes taking off and landing. He can go on and on and on... and he insists on getting a response from us!
  • When travelling in the car, he likes to listen to nursery rhymes. He has his favourites so we don't actually listen to the whole CD. Off and on, he would insists that we take turns singing the songs. Of course, he decides which songs he would sing and which we should sing...
  • Lately he has developed the habit of procrastinating when it comes to drinking his milk or doing certain things. He would say "afterwards".
  • When he doesn't have a definite answer to our question(s), he would give vague answers. E.g. "What are you looking for Julian?" "Something." "Where do you want to go?" "Somewhere." "Do you want to eat rice or noodles?" "I dunno."
  • For some time now, we use the long hand on the clock to get him to 'move into action'. We would tell him when the long hand reaches a certain number, he has to do a particular thing (e.g. brush teeth, shut down the PC, etc). It still works up to now and lately we've even 'hoodwinked' him by giving him the number where the long hand is already pointing at - and he buys it ;-) Sounds mean, but it does speed things up ;-)


Julian on top of slide
[Hey! Up here!]

Julian repairs aeroplane
[Julian repairs the Airbus A380]

Julian the Angry Bird
[Julian the Angry Bird]

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