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Monday, September 26, 2011

Julian's First Movie

Julian had his first movie experience on 7 September 2011. We took him for an early afternoon screening of The Smurfs at TGV 1st Avenue.

We booked a couple seat which was wide enough for the three of us. He was generally well-behaved except for some fidgeting because the contours of the seat was not exactly designed for small children. He sometimes wanted to be in a sleeping position across our laps. He also ended up wanting to sit on the stairs just beside the seats towards the end of the show.

We think he quite liked the experience. In the beginning, when the trailers were played, he was rather frightened by the loud sound effects and scary horror clips. When the Smurfs started making their appearance, he seemed to warm up to the movie. He was most amused in the posh restaurant scene when Gargamel repeatedly threw Azreal off the table.

He made 4 visits to the gents before, during, and after the show.

Julian at the movies
[My Smurfy Day!]

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