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Friday, December 28, 2012

National Horse Show 2012

We took the kids to the Penang Turf Club's National Horse Show 2012 on 1 December 2012. There were a variety of horses, ponies, and donkeys in the stable area. There were also exhibition and competition areas, a bazaar, and stalls. There were also shows of various kinds throughout the event.

The boys were not particularly afraid of the horses. However, at one point Justin was rather close to one horse when it suddenly sneezed. He was startled and cried...

[Horses in various shapes and sizes]

[Horse shoes: Hey! It's the letter "C" :o)]

[Julian: Good horsey, good horsey!]

[Justin: That was fun... let's go another round!]

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jianna at 8 Months

Jianna turned 8 months old on 30 November 2012. Here are her updates:
  • She puts almost everything and anything into her mouth.
  • She's very good at pulling herself up (especially using a chair) to standing position. Once standing, she can move around a bit while hanging onto the chair.
[Jianna and Mummy]

[Jianna stands!]

[Jianna smiling]

[Jianna: Ha! Ha! Ha! Very funny!]

[Jianna sitting pretty]

[Jianna: The impossible shove...]

Julian at 66 Months

Julian turned 66 months old on 28 November 2012.

During a discussion with him, the conversation led to us asking how many bums he has. He answered, "One bum... but got two parts."

[Julian the blue Angry Bird]

[Julian pulls a funny face]

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Justin at 40 Months

Justin turned 40 months old on 25 November 2012. During his visit to the clinic for his regular growth checkup in early November 2012, to our surprise, he weighed in at only 12kg, a drop of about 1kg from a previous visit.

Here are some updates:
  • When he wanted to play with his toys during bedtime, we did not allow him. We told him that his "toys were sleeping" to which he argued, "No! Toys got no eyes like that!"
  • He told us sadly that his classmate and dance partner, C, doesn't love him. When we asked him whether other friends loved him, he answered, "Yes, D (a boy) and EW (a girl) love me." *sigh*
Speaking of love, here's a recent bedtime conversation...
Justin: Julian, do you love Mummy and Daddy?
Julian: Yes.
Justin: I love Mummy only.
Daddy: ?!?! Do you love your friends in school?
Justin: No, I'm too busy...
Daddy: ?!?!

[Justin and his lollipop]

[Justin the Space Bird]

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kindy Concert 2012

The children's kindy held their annual concert on 17 November 2012 at the school premises. This year, the children put up a play set according to Disney's The Lion King.

Julian played the part of one of the hyenas and was involved in the song "Be Prepared" and the stampede.

[Julian the Hyena]

Justin played the part of a zebra and was involved in a dance according to the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

[Justin having fun]

[Justin's dancing with a classmate in the midst of a headgear malfunction]

Both also did a parody of the Gangnam Style dance called "Happy Lion Style".

[Happy Lion Style!!]

[Julian in a Gangnam Style pose]

The kids had a good time, and the teachers did a fantastic job with the costumes.

Friday, December 14, 2012




Loving, faithful and selfless wife, mother, and poh-poh.

Born: 24 October 1945
Called Home to be with the Lord: 2 December 2012

May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

Sungai Sedim Tree Top Walk

We went on an outing to Sungai Sedim on 11 November 2012. The main objective was to go on the Tree Top Walk.

On the way, we stopped for lunch at Lunas. We tried the roast duck and roast pork rice at Tan Kee coffee shop.

We arrived at the Sungai Sedim Recreational Forest at around 12.30pm. Just as we were walking away from the car, it started to rain. So, we sought shelter at a nearby hall. After about half-an-hour, it stopped raining and we made our way to the Tree Top Walk entrance.

[Sungai Sedim Tree Top Walk]

It was an interesting experience being able to walk so high up in the forest canopy. Only a platform of wire mesh separates you from a 50m plunge down to the forest floor *shivers*.

[A long way down...]

[The walk itself is quite relaxing]

[The boys on the walk]

[A view of Sungai Sedim below]

As we were beginning to enjoy the walk, it started to rain, again! Fortunately we had a large umbrella with us, but it was barely enough for the five of us. But huddled under that one umbrella we did. Since we were not sure whether we were more or less half-way, we decided to go ahead and inched our way for rest of the walk. Incidentally, the Sungai Sedim Tree Top Walk, at nearly 1km long, is purportedly the world's longest canopy walk.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Obsession with Jianna's Neck?

Here are some recent photos of the children.

[Jianna: Hey! I can't breathe!]

[Julian: Justin! Her neck! Grab Jianna's neck!]

[Justin: Julian! After this shot, let's grab her neck!]

[Justin: Eh?! This can't be her neck?!]

[Justin: I... need... Jianna's... neck!!]

[Julian: Ahhh! This feels like Jianna's neck!]

[Justin: Look, Julian! A model of Jianna's neck!]