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Friday, December 28, 2012

National Horse Show 2012

We took the kids to the Penang Turf Club's National Horse Show 2012 on 1 December 2012. There were a variety of horses, ponies, and donkeys in the stable area. There were also exhibition and competition areas, a bazaar, and stalls. There were also shows of various kinds throughout the event.

The boys were not particularly afraid of the horses. However, at one point Justin was rather close to one horse when it suddenly sneezed. He was startled and cried...

[Horses in various shapes and sizes]

[Horse shoes: Hey! It's the letter "C" :o)]

[Julian: Good horsey, good horsey!]

[Justin: That was fun... let's go another round!]

1 comment:

prince n princess mum said...

This is so fun! Wondering if there's such activities in KL...