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Friday, November 30, 2007

Julian at 6 Months

Julian is 6 months old this week (28 November 2007). He didn't put on as much weight as we had hoped he would. He weighed in at 7.3kg with clothes and diaper off. He weighed 7.2kg at 5 months but with clothes and diaper on. So, we estimated he only put on about 200gm over the past month. We will need to be more aggressive in feeding him his solids.

His weight "scare" aside, he is active and inquisitive. He has started to grab our spectacles and pull our hair when we carry him. He is also getting more and more "wriggly" and difficult to pin down when we want to change his clothes or diaper. He has also resorted to making other strange noises - one which we find very disturbing is a throaty vomitting sound (especially when he is on his tummy).

Last weekend, we took Julian to the apartment pool.

It's Cold!
[Brrr: Mummy... it's cccold...]

My Legs!
[My Legs! Where are they?!]


MamaBoK said...

No worries..! julian looks every bit like a healthy baby.. :) chloe made strange noises too.. but no need to get alarm.. ;) babies are funny at times.. ;)

YJia said...

Don't get too worried about the weight. Most important thing is he is healthy and growing well.

huisia said...

My baby also, seems like very hard to gain weight.

Happy 6 months old~

Giddy Tiger said...

Next time Ethan can go swimming with Julian? :D

Bart said...

mamabok, yjia & huisia: Thanks for your input regarding the weight-gain issue. Yes, I guess we shouldn't worry too much since he is healthy and active :o)

giddy tiger: Yes, they can! Yay!