Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Morning at the Arboretum

Last Friday morning saw me indulging in some photography at the arboretum behind the School of Pharmacy in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Pied Fantail
[Pied Fantail]

Pied Fantail showing vent
[Pied Fantail: Showing off its "fan" and its vent]

White-breasted Waterhen
[White-breasted Waterhen (or Burung Ruak Ruak in Malay)]

Black-naped Oriole
[Black-naped Oriole]

Black-naped Oriole in flight
[Black-naped Oriole in flight]

[A stuck moth: This moth was flapping its wings in the water]

Dragonflies mating
[Dragonflies mating]

Dragonflies mating, another angle
[Dragonflies mating: From another angle]

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