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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Julian at 61 Months

Julian is now 61 months (28 June 2012).

Here are his updates:
  • He continues to be curious about the world around him. He shows interest in experiments, e.g. what floats on or sinks in water.
  • He likes to imitate the characters in the shows he watches on the computer. We can never tell what would fascinate him. Sometimes he imitates the 'naughty' characters (that really drives us mad!). At the moment he's imitating a magician named Julian :-)
  • He would often irritate Justin by taunting him. An argument of sorts would ensue and often Julian would end up crying because Justin would protest and retaliate by beating, pinching, or biting him. Sometimes he doesn't learn... or maybe it's just how their brotherly relationship is!
  • He finally discovered the cafĂ© au lait spot (birthmark) on the underside of his left thigh. He thought it was a wound-of-sort and started whining and complaining. He was pacified after being educated on what a birthmark is.

[Julian buttons his shirt]

[Julian loves to carry Jianna]

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