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Friday, March 28, 2014

Jianna at 23 Months

Jianna turned 23 months old on 28 February 2014. Here are some updates:
  • She can sing quite a few songs she learnt at school almost completely, except for a few words dropped here and there.
  • She communicates in almost full sentences and in a conversation manner now, although her articulation is still not crisp.
  • Due to her lack of articulation, sometimes we may not understand what she says correctly. She would 'correct' us, and can even show 'frustration' when we still don't get it after she repeats several times. E.g. Jianna says, "tar". This could be 'star' or 'car'. If we guess wrongly, she would say 'no' until we get it right. Then she would say 'ya' or 'hmm'.
  • She likes doing things independently.
  • Recently she would sometimes call us 'Teacher Mummy' and 'Teacher Daddy'.

[Jianna at the pool]

1 comment:

Kylie wenn said...

Great development!