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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mung Bean Project

Sometime in early February, Julian brought home from kindy some germinated mung beans (taugeh). Some cotton wool were used as the medium. This popular school science project normally does not go beyond this stage. So, I decided to plant the sprouts in a small pot of soil to see how they would turn out.

It was interesting to watch the sprouts grow into a little plant, and eventually see flowers emerge, and then form beans. It was very educational for the boys. We even took the plant back to school for the other kids to have a look.

The whole process took just over 2 months. At one point, the plant was attacked by many very tiny insects (probably aphids) causing tiny brown spots to appear on the leaves. We sprayed some water-based insecticide to save the plant. However, after bearing a harvest of about 8 pods, the plant whittered and died.

[Mung bean plant]

[Mung bean flower: Notice the diseased leaves (tiny brown spots)]

[Young mung bean pod]

[Ripe mung bean pods and beans]

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