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Monday, November 11, 2013

Julian at 77 Months

Julian turned 77 months old on 28 October 2013. Here are some updates: He loves to teach Jianna how to talk. A typical lesson goes like this: Julian: Jianna, say "meat!" Jianna: Mitt! Julian: Say "pork!" Jianna: Pokk! Julian: Say "veggie!" Jianna: Ehgee!
  • He now seems to enjoy 'table-top' activities like colouring and doing workbooks.
  • He is now able to 'think of others'. For instance, when we ask him if he would like more of something (e.g. sausage) he would ask how many there are. If there's only one he would display sadness and hesitate to take it.
  • He likes being helpful. He would help fold some clothes, put his folded clothes away, bring things when asked, etc.
  • He is getting more and more independent - taking and doing things for himself :-)
[Julian allows Jianna to sit on him]

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