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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pet-Sitting Weekend

"Come here, Xen Xen... come... Ji Ji give you mum mum... come-lah sayang, sweetheart oiii... makan-lah... afterwards Ji Ji take you walk-walk for you to owk owk okay?"

That was roughly something Angie would say to Xen Xen. Who's Xen Xen? Well, Xen Xen is the nickname for Vixen, the Tan family dog. Mummy and Papa were away in KL this weekend, and so we spent this weekend in Butterworth dog and chicken sitting. Chicken sit? Yes, 9 ayams serama.

[Tip of the Iceberg: Xen Xen says she gets char siew also]

[Avian Antics: Join me in my bucket?]

[The First National Chicken Conference: Roosters on the rostrum]

[Conference Chair-chicken Jailed: For organising the conference without a permit]


mrstweety said...

Gotta love the chicken.. i tell ya.. ;)

5xmom said...

Angie & Bart - Here's wishing you both Happy Anniversary and may the good Lord showers both of you with lots of love and *ahem, ahem* many little ones.

Better to wish you guys earlier 'cos we have no choir practice this weekend, right?

Bart said...

mrsT: Gotta be careful too. One of them is well-known for attacking people.

5xmom: Thank you :o). Also, we're both going to be MIA from choir in May, ha ha...