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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Dragon, the Fire and the Moth

Our dinner these few days have been purposely simple, i.e. one meat dish and fruits. Why? Because we have lots of fruits to finish off. We have/had bananas, starfruits, mangoes, jambu air (red and light green varieties), grapes, apples, custard apples (nona) and a dragon fruit. Today we devoured a whole dragon (fruit) :o)

[Delicious Dead Dragon: This one has purple blood...]

Many trees are now flowering, probably due to the dry weather. This is also the season for the 'burning' of the Flame of the Forest. USM has quite a number of them all over campus.

[Light up the fire, let the flame burn, open the door, let Jesus return...]

We had yet another winged visitor tonight. I think we take moths for granted. It is quite amazing to note the variety of patterns and shapes these fellows come in. Our previous visitors: here and here.

[Moth of the Month: Marty or Martina Moth]

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mrstweety said...

Happy Anniversary.. Bart & Angie..!!