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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Another New Year's Day... though a sombre one this year. The effects of the tsunami lingers on - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Today, Angie and I attended the New Year's Day mass at the cathedral. Then, at about noon, we headed to Tesco for lunch and some minor shopping.

After shopping, I decided that I'll bake a loaf of onion bread. This turned out to be a disaster. Not only the bread didn't fully rise, it was a bit too salty! One-and-a-half teaspoon of salt the recipe said... yulck!

[Onion Bread: Nice to see, nice to smell, once you eat, it tastes like hell!]

After the not so successful baking experience, Angie and I decided to have a little portrait-taking session. But too many distractions as these samples show...

[New Year Portrait: The Boogieman!]

[New Year Portrait: What's that on the lens?]

[New Year Portrait: Noooo! Don't eat us!!!]

Later at night, we headed to Fisherman's Grill at Sungai Ara for dinner. We ordered the New Year set meal and another Chicken Italiano ala carte meal. The set meal had a Blue Hawaii cocktail drink, a tomato soup, Butter Fish and bread pudding. Overall rating: 7/10, good.

[Fisherman's Grill Interior]

[Chicken Italiano]

[Butter Fish]

On returning home, we had a winged visitor...


After the New Year experience?... sleep... zzz... good night...

1 comment:

Twinsmom said...

Oh dear...I click on your site from Lilian's blog comment and found the bread, can't help but ROTFLOL...especially the line under the bread...nice blog, will visit everyday.