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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Constipated Sun

Lately, the view of the sunrise from the apartment has been quite good. These shots (altered digitally a little for better contrast) were taken just three minutes apart (between 7.37am and 7.40am) and they show the sun popping out of the clutches of the mountains.

[Nggghhh! Nggghhh! Nnnnnnggghhh!]

[Aaahhhh! See fook sai!]

Was at the airport today. Had lunch at Kelab Kafe which is located at the departure level but outside the main entrances where the bus-stop used to be. Had some fried beehoon mee with a piece of chicken and some bayam. Also had a glass of iced tea. Total came to RM7! I thought since it was outside the swanky interior of the airport, the price could have been more forgiving towards a miser like me.

No cooking tonight as I had to come home late. Angie packed a Shariff Nasi Kandar dinner home from Gelugor. She must be addicted to it... we only had dinner there 2 days ago. I had a burger. Very exciting.

Angie is still tensed and I am feeling groggy and cranky. Better stop before I start writing nonsense.

1 comment:

Eric Ho said...

nnngggghhh...... u also make me want to xxxx.... got to go to the restroom before i.... ug.. ah.... arrggh...

....... too late...