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Monday, January 10, 2005

Tension Mounts

This is going to be a quick entry...

Angie is beginning to feel anxious in view that the college exams are approaching and soon she'll need to mark exam scripts. Deadlines are tight and there is a lot to mark. I am also feeling a bit tense... tense for Angie (heard of resonance?), and also because things are also beginning to pick up at work for me.

I was chief cook tonight. Angie arrived home later than usual today. Main dish was chicken chunks with mixed vegetables in tomato sauce. The second dish was Chinese cabbage.

[Chicken in Tomato Sauce: Angie said, "Tastes like baked beans..."]

At 9.45pm, we watched NCIS on 8TV. We love the series.

1 comment:

Eric Ho said...

aiyo yo.... it's 12.51am now and i haven't had my lunch.. looking at the picture u posted is really torturing to my little stomach.. sob.. sob..

Doesn't matter what it taste like... as long as it looks good... GIVE IT TO ME....