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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not [Censored!]

Angie finished her marking early last night. Yay! Yay! Hoorayyy!

Today is Thaipusam and it's a holiday but Angie is invigilating an exam today at college. Should be back any moment... so, gotta make this entry quick :o)

After dinner last night (at Jasmine Garden next to the Diocesan Centre on Macalister Road), we watched NCIS on 8TV. In last night's episode, there were 2 car-bombings. In the first one, I was surprised to note that the name of a well-known terrorist group was censored verbally but this was clearly shown in the subtitles. Ha! Ha! But when they analysed the second bombing, they found out that it was NOT [the name of the terrorist group] and this was NOT verbally censored. Good grief!. *sorry, but I'm blogging cautiously here*

Anyway, on the whole, Angie and I felt that last night's episode wasn't as interesting as some earlier episodes. But that's understandable :o)

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