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Monday, January 17, 2005

Cough and Cold

Angie is down with a cold. As usual, it started with a sore throat and she is now coughing while running after her nose. It is not severe but bad enough to make her sound miserable. To make matters more difficult, she is in the midst of marking her exam scripts.

We ate out tonight and I believe this would be the routine for the next one-and-a-half weeks. Two reasons: (1) maximise time for Angie to mark her scripts, and (2) avoid having to move things on and off the dinner table where Angie is camping for the next one-and-a-half weeks. Both of us had bah-kut mee suah in herbal soup.

After an early dinner, we stopped by the Chinese medicine shop in Island Glades to buy some herbal cough/cold remedies. The lady-boss recommended the Jie Hou Bao beverage. I threw in another Lo Han Kuo, Zhen Zhu and She She Chao beverage. Both are in granule form. We also got a medium bottle of Pei Pa Kao. I asked the boss about a monkey tonic that used to be on sale when I was still a little boy. He hadn't the faintest idea what I was talking about...

After dinner, I took decided that I should take some photos to share on the blog. Here’s a shot from our apartment block. This time facing the back towards the hills. There's an orchard there with a family cemetery.

[The Back View: The Orchard and Island Glades housing area]

Zooming in, there’s some hill-cutting going on. Perhaps its for the Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR). Hmm...

[Aduh! Aaaa... pedihnya luka saya... waaa!!]

Okay... time to show you some objects we have in the apartment again :-). These are some things Angie took to college for her class today...

[The Little Piggie is our favourite...]


Eric Ho said...

What is angie teaching? Kindergarden?? y all the props>??

Deng-ded! said...

Poor Angie... hope you get well really really soon. :-) Make sure you get pampered maximum by your soulmate. :-D

Wow, Bart, didn't know you were good with herbal beverages and remedies! That's a one-up for husbandry! ;-) Hehehe! Manhood is facing a revolution! Long live the renaissance man!