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Friday, January 14, 2005


Work as usual yesterday (Thursday) but had a nice surprise during lunch at Bayan Baru wet market food court. Someone came up to me at my table and said, "Remember me?" He was well-dressed and wearing a nice tie. My mind was racing... where have I seen him before?!? For a split second, all my neurons were firing like crazy. Luckily, my neurons fired the right connections... he was a classmate during our upper-secondary school days. How time flies. He is an assistant general manager now with a well-known chemical company. He is up here in Penang for business meetings.

Last night, I was chief cook again. Angie returned later than usual. Menu is getting stranger due to our increasing crankiness. Okay... we had cocktail sausages, scrambled eggs, sausage buns and sawi-swill. The novel dish is the sanity-challenged sawi-swill consisting of shredded sawi, chopped onion and garlic, tomato and chilli sauce, pepper and some mixed herbs.

[Food... can't think of a better caption... groggy already]

[Haute cuisine: Sawi-Swill]

Wednesday night, we ate out. After dinner, I snapped a shot of the new moon.

[Hear the wolf howl? Huh? You mean wolves howl only during a full moon?]

Okay, okay... very groggy already. Better stop before I turn lunny...


5xmom said...

Hi! I shot the new moon too last night but my photo came out with 3 cresents instead! Need to improve my skill. However, last night sky was really clear. Cheers!

Eric Ho said...

urrggh.... Sawi Swill... what happen to u... hehehe..

and where is Bayan Baru Wet Market Food area??

Bart said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bart said...

Hi, 5xmom... thanks for posting your comment. I used a very slow shutter speed for the shot of the new moon and used a tripod (or a mini-tripod in my case) to avoid camera-shake.

Eric, Bayan Baru wet market food court is the one near Sunshine Square :-). Perhaps, some people call it Sunshine food court but I think this can easily be mistaken for the food court inside Sunshine Square itself.

Deng-ded! said...

Yummy, yummy, this blog makes me salivate and my tummy grumble! No worries, the rumbling sound you hear is not of another impending tsunami. Just my tummy doing a rendition. :-D