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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Farewell, Mgr. Fr. Stephen Liew

We had a farewell ceremony for Fr. Stephen Liew during the Sunset Mass this evening. He will be posted to the Church of St. Anne in Bukit Mertajam from February 2005. The Cathedral Choir was in attendance and so were the children's choir, Chinese and Tamil cantor groups. Church was packed with parishioners not wanting to miss the chance of giving father a good send-off.

Had dinner at a little 'joo char' (cook dishes) place at the junction where Jln. Dato' Keramat, Jalan Utama and Lorong Kulit meet. A meal of 3 dishes: 'pai kut ong', belachan kangkung and bean curd, and rice cost only RM15.90 for 3 persons. Very cheap, and reasonable serving size too. There's also a satay stall there which serves good satay at 40 sen per stick.

This afternoon, after posting our earlier blog, I read 5xmom's post about Real self vs blog self. Admittedly, it is easier to 'let ones hair down' in a blog because you don't have certain 'societal constraints' to hold you back. In a way this is healthy because then there's a balance... both your rigid-self *serious and straight thinking* and your gila-gila-self *monkey face and naughty thinking* have their respective outlets :o).

Personally, I categorise our blog viewers into 3 categories: (1) those I hope they'll read our blog, i.e. friends and family, (2) those I don't mind if they read, i.e. those whom we don't know well or don't know at all, and (3) those I mind if they read, i.e. my students and colleagues, ha! ha!... if they do find out, well... can't be helped-lah. One of the reasons why we changed our blog address to the present one (besides wanting a better address) was because a student stumbled on our blog and wrote some comments! He said he liked the photo in which Angie and I made funny faces! Oh, no...!

Angie and 5xmom was in the Cathedral Choir this evening and I was on the organ. Even before mass started, Angie and I were already indicating to each other, "She's the one, she's Lilian Chan (5xmom)..." They all sang well... and 5xmom and I finally broke our verbal silence after the choir was dismissed after mass. The conversation went something like this:

5xmom: I blogged about you today.
Bart: Ya... I read already this afternoon :o)


Twinsmom said... after the two lines conversation, your decided to continue the conversation on the blog?

5xmom said...

See? I tell you (Twinsmom), I am very quiet and very timid and so is Bart and Angie. We only clever to write but we aren't like that in real self. Aiyoh, if I talk like I write, world turn upside down liao.