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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Angie had an interesting question: "How does one know that he/she is in love?" My answer: "From what I learned in psychology class last time, the professor said that a person's underarms would sweat when he/she is in love" We disagreed but is this good news for deodorant companies? *fooh-la-mak*

Angie was at work on Saturday morning while I did some house work. The apartment was in dire need of a wipe and mop as we constantly had some excuse to postpone doing them.

After dinner, we spotted a huge banana amongst other normal-sized ones in a small comb... not uncommon to see a huge banana but interesting nevertheless :o).

[Big Banana: See how the pencil pales in comparison?]

Angie is down to the final leg of her marking spree. Hopefully, it'll be all over by late Sunday or early Monday. So, for an early celebration, we had a bowl of Magnolia Tripolitan ice-cream with banana chunks.

[Banana Bonanza]


Twinsmom said...

at first I thought two of you try to teach banana to write! it is not that impossible, but unbelieverble.

Bart said...

Dear twinsmom,

Ha! Ha! Never thought of it that way... :o) Thanks for the insight.