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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Never Leave Home Without It

We were at church for the 10am mass presided by a visiting priest, Fr. Joe Stephen from the Redemptorist community in Ipoh. He was in Penang to promote his book: Parishes in Post-Modernism. After mass, Angie and I stayed back for the cathedral choir practice to prepare for Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday.

After choir practice, we gave John a lift home after the customary stop-over to buy provisions and nasi kandar. John lives at the Rifle Range flats in Ayer Itam. Today, he led me to his unit through the front door which faces inside the common corridor of his block. As we walked into the common corridor area, we had to pass by the rubbish collection area. The smell was terrible *rotting rubbish pong*. Eewwww! (Normally, we enter by the back entrance which was better because it faces outside his block).

We shall leave you with this photo of a few kids swimming in our apartment swimming pool. They are obviously playing it safe because they can make a quick call in case of an emergency. Also, if they are hungry, they can call for a pizza.

[The handphone: Never leave home without it!]


5xmom said...

Bart, No wonder John rejected my offer la. So kesian me, kena rejected. I am supposed to send some furnitures and stuff for him.

Twinsmom said...

my mom's birth sister and brother was stay in Rifle Range flats too. just next to the cementary, and some more 18th floor, visit them during the CNY, the lift rosak, luckily that time my parent still strong.
Now my "kao-fu" still staying there.

Bart said...

5xmom: Aiseh... don't lah feel rejected :o). There's always a next time.

twinsmom: Ayoh... 18 floors is no joke... Have you tried the food at the Rifle Range flats foodcourt? The last time we tried something there, it was quite cheap.