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Friday, February 04, 2005

The Bug Bites

I am not feeling well... sore throat, occasional cough with green phlegm, loss of voice, body ache and a general lousy feeling. If it was a viral infection, I'd rather not visit the doctor. A quick check on the net indicated that yellow or green phlegm indicate a bacterial infection. So, off I went to the clinic and got my supply of bacteria-zapping drugs...

[Die! Bacteria... Die!!]

Yesterday, I made a last ditched attempt to bake bread the plain way. This time I waited patiently for another 30 mins after separating the dough into bun-sized portions. And, voila! Improved-textured bread! A little patience goes a long way. Next is to try 5xmom's bread-baking tip.

[Sesame Bread: Open.... mouth! Chew, chew... say, "Mmmm"...]

Yesterday also, Angie orchestrated yet another saliva-secreting dinner: pan-grilled chicken fillet with stir-fried lotus root slices and mashed potatoes. Angie has an interesting way of preparing mashed potatoes... ask her but she won't tell you :o)

[East Meets West Pan-grilled Chicken garnished with fried onion]

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching. Are Angie and I ready? No. We have not bought anything - not even a single crumb of a cookie, a bak kua or waxed duck. We're resisting the temptation to spend unnecessarily... crazy as we are, we are darn good at being misers.

Did I say I was sick? Well, here goes... *cough, cough, groan, groan, wheeze, wheeze* :o(


Twinsmom said...

get well soon :).
I like the caption you put for the photo LOL...very funny...

5xmom said...

Aha! My bug must have landed on you. But bug or no bug (my hingus is yellow btw) I am off to Perhentian in a few hours. Be back next week, and shudders, I have lector's duty on Friday (8pm mass). I am taking my readings of Isaiah (extremely long para)to Stop Island to practice every day. Hope this time I won't screwed up again. Pray for me, that I don't ssstttaammmeerrrss. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Bart said...

twinsmom: Thank you... but I fear I won't get well soon enough... Angie and I, and 2 or 3 others are on duty tomorrow for singing/playing the organ at church. Normally, I will play + sing (1 extra voice helps) but looks like I'll skip this for tomorrow...

5xmom: Yaloh... didn't know can catch these bugs by reading people's blogs mah... Have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves.

twinsmom & 5xmom: Happy Chinese New Year :o)