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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Memories in Black and White

I asked Angie a question today: "Angie... do you think you are pretty?". Her reaction was most amusing. For a split second, she had a speechless 'who-am-I-to-judge-my-own-beauty'-look. Then, very suddenly, her face lit up and she had a cheeky look. She declared, "Yes!", triumphantly. All these happened in perhaps less than a second. What went on in her head is anyone's guess. We had a good laugh :o).

Frs. Francis Anthony and Henry Rajoo said their inaugural Sunday mass as parish priest and assistant parish priest respectively of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. Angie and I were on cantor and organist duty. Fr. Francis preached about living out the values of the Lord's Prayer.

I would like to share a photo of Angie and I taken about 8 years ago at Bakti canteen in USM by Rebecca Loke. Rebecca had an SLR camera with just a few shots left on the roll of film and wanted to finish them off. Angie was her usual natural, casual, calm-and-composed and relaxed self while I was my usual cautious (note the crossed fingers), shirt-wearing, pens-in-pocket, nerdy self. I believe Rebecca developed the photos by herself as she was a journalism student at that time. And she developed it in black and white (it is a bit sepia now) which was excellent for the mood... looks so... so... romantic... *sigh* If I recall correctly, at that time, Angie and I were 'just friends' :o).

[Angie: "Bart, put your hands down!"... Bart: "I'm trying to hide your lipstick mark on my collar lah!"]


5xmom said...

Angie looks so young. Tell her she is prettier now. And yeap, the only difference I notice about you is......the spectacles then seems to be thicker than now.

Bart said...

5xmom: :o) I'll bet Angie *kembang* now... will tell her... And about my specs... well, last time gotta make sure I see everying c-l-e-a-r-l-y mah... ;oP