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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Wait Begins (Part 1)

Today is back to work for the both of us. Bart made a day-trip to KL. So it's a long day for him.

Yesterday was Valentine's day. How did we celebrate? Well, we're not into commercial celebrations - we don't believe in paying exorbitant prices! We had a lovely dinner at Three N Ikan Bakar, near the Gelugor power station. The two of us whacked some sting ray, squids, cockles and stir-fried kailan. Then we headed home to get ready to watch our favourite programme Navy NCIS. But alas... it was not to be... our show had to make way for a repeat of the morning's Grammy Awards...*sob, sob* :-(

[Our rustic Valentine's Day dinner]

Let me now rewind the day a little bit. In the afternoon, we embarked on a little brewing project. We decided to make apple cider. So, we're now waiting for our apple cider to mature. The whole process should take about a month. But even last night, we could already see some 'progress' - the apples had shrunken. And today, there's already some liquid visible. Hmmm... *nod of approval* Will keep you posted on the progress...

[Mutiara's Brew: The beginning...]


Twinsmom said...

*drooling* *reading, reading, reading* *more drooling* *sigh*

Eric Ho said...

don't forget to let me taste it once it's done... ;-)

Bart said...

twinsmom: Ayo... don't-lah *sigh, sigh* all... :o)

Eric: don't forget we're misers ;oP