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Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Wait Begins (Part 2)

Yesterday (Saturday) night saw us having dinner at the hawker stalls near the jetty (Pengkalan Weld). We parked our car along Gat Lebuh Armenian and walked back out to the main road. The stalls here, between the Shell petrol station and Kedai Kopi Lee Hoe, serve good Ou Mee (Oyster Noodles) and Indian Fried Noodles. Alas, the Ou Mee stall was closed (we later found out that the owner works five-day weeks) and the Indian Fried Noodle seller had just used up the last of his ingredients :o( *fuming and disappointed*

However, we found out that, at the Wan Tan Mee stall, you could order Hor Fun (broad rice noodles) in Wan Tan Mee style... and it was good :o). Imagine eating Hor Fun swimming in lard oil and soy sauce. *mmm...* We also had Char Koay Teow (quite good), and some satay (now this was rather disappointing although it was quite cheap: 30 sen per stick).

[Weld Quay Hor Fun Wan Tan Mee and Char Koay Teow]

[Weld Quay stalls among others]

As promised, here's a pictorial update of our brewing project... Photo shows our brewing 'apparatus' tucked away in a quiet little corner on our kitchen counter. We dared not move it elsewhere to take a better photo so as not to disturb our little yeasty friends doing their (to be) much appreciated job. What can be seen? Brownish apple slices, some liquid (this is the 'good stuff' we believe), and mould (white and black spots, and grey hairy stuff). How does it smell? Reeking of alcohol already.

[Mutiara's Brew: Work in progress... after 1 week]

1 comment:

SiaoChaBoa said...

I so miss hor fun.. Wan tan mee .. and satay..!