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Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Rooster Rules! (Part 3: CNY Days 2 & 3)

[Bart writes]
The morning of the 2nd day of CNY saw us doing our rounds to my uncles' (dad's elder brothers) and my grandmother's (mom's mother) houses with more ang pow-giving. We also made a pit stop to dad's sister's place again to pick up a precious item... homemade rice wine *hic, hic*

Day 2 of CNY's lunch menu: 1. pak zham kai (boiled chicken), 2. stir-fried chinese cabbage with bean curd sheets (fu chuk) and prosperity noodle (fatt choy), 3. roast duck with plum sauce, 4. fish float (yu piu) soup with mushrooms, and 5. duck doggie-style, i.e. cooked in a style normally used to cook dog meat.

[Mom chopping roast duck: a lot of hard work...]

[CNY Day 2 Lunch: The Rooster (or its kin) met its match... sudah kasi chan mah...]

[Duck Doggie-style: I repeat, i.e. cooked in a style normally used to cook dog meat]

[Fish float soup with mushrooms: Another chinese delicacy]

[Angie writes]
After lunch we left in sweltering heat for Butterworth. Don't know why it always feels hotter during CNY.

We arrived in time for tea (with no reports of casualty on the way into the house; the terrorist chicken (as my sister calls Chini) was closely watched). After tea, we visited Tricia (we've been friends since 5!). Then it was back home for dinner.

Menu: 1. braised pork leg, 2. salted-vege with duck soup, 3. prawns, 4. stir-fried beansprouts, 5. mixed veg with bamboo shoots, 6. joo hoo char, and 7. claypot low shee fun (sprinkled with lard chips *yum, yum*).

[CNY Day 2 Dinner]

[Joo Hoo Char: a must-have dish for CNY]

[Salted veg with duck soup: another must-have dish for CNY]

[Braised pork leg: Papa's speciality]

Day 3 of CNY was a day of fast and abstinence (replacement for Ash Wednesday which fell on the first day of CNY). Visiting was the order of the day - first to see my grandaunts (mummy's aunts), then grandparents (mum's side), followed by my aunts (papa's sisters). In the evening, we visited Chu Len Chee2 before going for Way of the Cross and Mass. After Mass, we visited another aunt (also papa's sis, and my godmother).

And that ends The Rooster Rules!

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