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Saturday, February 12, 2005


The Rooster Rules! (Part 1: The Eve)

With all the hustle and bustle surrounding the Chinese New Year preparations, we have forgotten to note that Angie's parents have a number of ayams serama roaming around their house compound. The patriach of the lot is Chini the Cock and he's one notorious avian menace. Better than some guard dog, he attacks even when not provoked. Here, he is shown being pampered by Angie's papa.

[Chini Cock I: The Avian Manace]

Okay, Angie and I will try to give an overview of our CNY activities starting from CNY's eve. On arrival back in Menglembu on 8 Feb 2005, we were introduced to Goldie, our new family dog.


On the night of CNY's eve, we had a sumptious steamboat dinner and I have proof that I am not lying about it being sumptious.

[Angie, Chui Ying and my dad waiting eagerly for the boat to steam *stomach rumble*]

[Exhibit 1: A pregnant male's belly]

We forgot to mention that Angie also fell sick just before the holidays. So, we're both still nursing a cough. *cough, cough*

Stay tuned for The Rooster Rules! (Part 2) :o).

Choir chorus - *cough, cough, cough* my face come out wan?
5xmom: Ha, ha... nice chorus... :o). But sorry... don't quite get what you meant about your face 'come out'? *blur, puzzled*
What Digital Camera are u USING. it's so clear and sharp.
Kelvin & Family: We're using a Canon A75.
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