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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Kicked by Kahlua

Today we got our Chinese New Year decoration from the god of prosperity (Choy San) at Tesco, together with a fruit toffee each so that the year of the rooster will be a sweet one for us.

[Our curious companions trying to decipher those chinese characters...]

We were at Tesco to get our ingredients to make pizza - our second baking project this week. It's a pastry-based pizza topped with bloody tomato puree, delicious tuna, mouth-watering sausage chunks, juicy bananas, tangy onions, healthy mixed vegetables, and sinful cheese. This, we brought to a pot luck Catholic Engaged Encounter meeting cum dinner. After the meeting, we chatted over coffee laced with kahlua :-)

[Angie trying to cover up the murder]

[Stand aside, Pizza Hut... here comes Angie's Gazebo]

Did Bart mention that we didn't buy anything for Chinese New Year? Hmmm...we forgot about the beer we bought. This year we decided to go international. We've got brew from Germany (Holsten), Holland (Bavaria), and Belgium (Martens Pils). And they're all under RM3...three cheers for the EU! :-) The miser couple takes a bow. *applause, applause*

[Bottoms up! Glug, glug, glug...]


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