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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Almost Kiu Nyuk

Kiu Nyuk is a classic Hakka pork and yam dish. The Cantonese call it Kow Yoke and have the yam substituted with preserved vegetables.

We almost had real kiu nyuk for dinner tonight. By the way, this is our first time trying :o). Since it was a last minute idea to try cooking this dish, we couldn't get any yam from our green grocer. So, what to do? We used potatoes instead.

Three key ingredients which contribute to the dish's sweet strong flavour are: five spice powder, red fermented beancurd or lam nyui in Hakka (or lam yee in Cantonese or tou joo in Hokkien), and onions. How did it turn out? Not too bad... with room for improvement.

[Hakka Kiu Nyuk is always arranged with alternating pieces of pork and yam]

[Almost Kiu Nyuk... we'll get it right next time]


pelf said...

Kiu Nyuk sounds soooo like "dog meat" in Hakka la... *grins*

Bart said...

Aha! :o) Except that 'dog' in Hakka has a 'g' sound as in 'giu nyuk'. The name of the dish has a 'kh' sound as in 'khiu nyuk'. Are you Hakka?

YJia said...

Khiu nyuk is one of Peter's fav. dish but I do not know how to make it. Can share the recipe? Did not know that you are Hakka. I am half a Hakka.

pelf said...

Yes, I'm a Hakka. A pure one =)

Peter & Gladys Liew said...

how i miss Kiu Nyuk !!!!! please fast fast past the receipt to my wife on Friday ya. i am a half Hakka but i live with a Hakka Family surrounding for 30 years. Must ask her to cook this dish soon .. but got to cut down on the Fat level :-)

Nicholas said...

I think should put generous amount of garlic... Potatoes? Hmm... sounds like "A Hakka in Amsterdam" kih! kih!