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Monday, March 05, 2007

Piggy Wiggy Saunters In

The first part of the holidays saw us back in Menglembu greeting the arrival of little piggy with lots of sumptuous food. Sorry, no pictures of our Menglembu menu because we accidentally switched our camera memory card with that of Dad's. Will post some when we manage to swap.

The second part of Chinese New Year was in Butterworth with more delicious food to enjoy.

[Limpets and Sea Cucumber Strips]

[Four Seasons Salad: Purple Cabbage, Cherry Tomatoes and Deep Fried Seaweed and Straw Mushrooms]

[Abalone and Broccoli]

[Fried Prawns in Thai Sauce: It's Ha! Ha! for the Cantonese & Hakkas but to the Hokkiens its Heh! Heh! :o)]

[Fatt Choy Stuffed Mushrooms]

[Fruit Salad]

At the rate we were going, we would look like the zodiac of the year in no time :-)

And baby? Well, baby enjoyed all the food, too, moving excitedly especially after every meal!

1 comment:

Chen said...

The Ha Ha or the Heh Heh looks yummy ;)