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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Julian at 7 weeks

Julian is 7 weeks old tomorrow. It is not obvious whether he has grown any bigger except that he does seem heavier now when we lift him up :o). However, today we let him put on the same pair of red knitted booties he wore when we first brought him home from the hospital. The booties seemed too big for him then. But now, my my... he (well, at least his feet) has almost outgrown it!

Red booties
[Julian and his red knitted booties]

This evening we took Julian out to a Tom Yam stall for dinner along Greenlane. Angie ordered nasi goreng ayam merah (fried chicken rice with red sauce), I ordered nasi goreng paprik (paprik fried rice) and teh tarik (tea with milk), while Julian ordered some bottled formula milk. It was a pleasant dinner for three :o).

Here are some photo updates from Julian:

Julian's hand
[Julian's hand]

Julian's feet
[Julian's feet]

The Pacifier
[The Paficier: We let him try a pacifier the other day... must not make this a habit :o)]

The Singlet
[The Singlet: Julian's athletic look... boxing anyone?]


mama bok said...

He is way too cute..!! looks like both you and Angie..!

KittyCat said...

Wah - big boy already! Snap as many shots as you can because they grow up real fast in the 1st year *sniff, sniff*

Giddy tiger said...

Those pictures of Julian really look like me when I was small! Honest!