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Friday, May 02, 2008

Julian at 11 Months

Julian turned 11 months old on Monday (28 April 2008).

At 11 months he doesn't like to be carried much at home, preferring to roam and explore freely and independently. But he doesn't mind being carried when we're out. Probably because he's still busy taking in all the new scenery. He can be quite mischievious - grabbing anything he can get his hands on, or trying to climb onto the sofa, etc. So, both of us are "full time" on the lookout... can be quite tiring.

Julian actually began verbalising "pah-pah" about 3 weeks ago. We have always referred to Bart as "daddy". So, we are definitely sure he is not calling Bart "daddy", yet. He has also verbalised "mah-mah" but we're not sure if he's calling Angie because he's usually crying when he says it, something like "uhm-maaaahhhmm-maaaahhhmm"... more like asking for "mum-mum" (food = milk). *sigh* Still got to wait for the magic words :o).

In addition to the 4 full teeth that he has (2 at the bottom and 2 at the top), another 2 have erupted at the top. So, he's good at nibbling his baby biscuits and crackers.

Plate on sofa
[Let's do this experiment on the sofa shall we?]

Whack plate
[We'll start by giving the plate a good whack just to prove it's solid]

[Then, we'll bring out the subject - an empty biscuit wrapper, but wait... I think I need a diaper change]

Really empty wrapper
[It's really empty... see?]

Show plate
[And the empty biscuit wrapper penetrated the solid plate, see?]


cheah said...

Julian,grandpa and grandma are very surprised that you can perform magic show at 11 months old. You know your papa performed magic show at 10 years old in school during Prize giving day in 1984. By the time you are 10 years old you should be a great magician. Grandma says maybe you can make Penang Bridge disappears and see what is going to happen.

giddy tigress said...

Where...where? aiyo...the hand was faster than the eye.....can repeat ah?