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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Our 4th Anniversary

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on 1 May 2008 (Labour Day holiday). This year, our wedding anniversary coincided with Ascension Thursday which is a Catholic holy day of obligation. We attended the mass at 12 noon at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

For our anniversary dinner, we checked out TGI Friday's at Queensbay Mall,
again. We had the Jack Daniel's Burger and the Mushroom, Chicken and Mushroom. The burger tasted better than the chicken. To wash them down, we had a glass of Pineapple Sunshine and a glass of Strawberry Surprise. The latter surprisingly outshone the former :o). We were also surprised to bump into the Giddy Tigers who were dining there as well :o).

Strawberry Surprise and Pineapple Sunshine
[Strawberry Surprise and Pineapple Sunshine]

Mushroom, Chicken and Mushroom
[Mushroom, Chicken and Mushroom]

Jack Daniel's Burger
[Jack Daniel's Burger: Yummy!]

Anniversary Dinner
[Julian joined in the celebration]

The highlight of the day, as always was the lighting of our Unity Candle for our Anniversary Prayer.

Unity Candle
[Our Unity Candle and the Three of Us]


giddy tiger said...

How absolutely SWEET! Happy Anniversary to you both! And it was GREAT *bumping* into you all too! :D
*waits for photo*

mama bok said...

Happy Anniversary..!!

KittyCat said...

Happy 4th Anniversary! I like your tradition of lighting the candle - it looks like it'll last forever :)

KittyCat said... a Mother's day tag for you!

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Janice said...

Happy Anniversary Dr. and Mrs. Cheah! (albeit Belated...hehehe)

Hey, next time you go to TGIF, do try the mud pie.Dunno if the one in Queensbay is good tho..but its a TGIF must-try