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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Penang Interactive Museum

We went to the Penang Interactive Museum on 6 April 2014 with a friend who was visiting from KL.

The kids enjoyed themselves, but could not really pose for the photos properly. Furthermore, being a Sunday, the place was quite crowded so actually getting a turn to take the snapshots was also challenging. You can also take some interesting 3D style photos outside the museum.

There are also kiosks where you scan your entrance ticket to get a 3D image and move it on the screen. The boys probably liked that the best, especially Julian.

Entrance fee was RM15 for adults and RM10 for children.

[Our 5 seconds of fame ;-)]

[At one of the 3D machines]

[The popular spiderman shot]

[Going through the looking glass]

[Justin making a run for it. His siblings...]

[Cooling down the pot]

[Spraying the fiery dragon]

[Lifting a heavy sack outside the museum]

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