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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jianna is 2 Years Old

Jianna turned 2 years old on 30 March 2014. Her birthday celebrations began in Menglembu on 22 March 2014 with the Cheah side of the family. We bought little Minion cakes for the children :-)

[Minions assemble...!]

[One Minion cake each]

She celebrated her birthday in school with her friends 28 March 2014. This year the children make the birthday cake and decorate it. In her case, the teacher(s) probably made the cake, but she got to decorate it. Justin made her a birthday card - so sweet.

[Jianna decorating her cake]

[Birthday girl in school]

Since her birthday fell on a Sunday, we had a birthday lunch for her at Sea Palace restaurant with the Tan side of the family. This time she got a cake with two Hello Kitty frigurines which fascinated her. Those toys are now her constant companions.

[A family photo with the birthday girl]

[Julian gives Jianna a hand with the cake]

Here are some updates:
  • She's at the terrible two. While cute, she is also strong-willed and can be quite defiant. She's testing her boundaries.
  • She loves singing.
  • She loves going on outings/ for car rides. She would always want to go along when Daddy takes Julian for his music lesson. Gone are the days when she would only cling to Mummy. Now, going out is priority.
  • Food-wise, she's more picky now. Generally she likes omelette (not eggs done any other way) and Japanese tofu. She'll eat soft spinach and the occasional chicken. She likes crispy food. She LOVES junk food. She prefers savoury to sweet tastes.
  • Socially, she's still cautious about strangers - which we think is good :-) She will only readily go to selected people whom she's familiar with and 'favours' ;-)

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