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Friday, April 25, 2014

Julian's Stories

Although somewhat delayed, we would like to share with you (with permission) some of Julian's stories which he wrote at the end of last year at age 6+, during his kindy's year-end holiday programme. Errors are deliberately left in the story for authenticity. 

Story #1: The princess has a pet
Once upon a time a little castle, there was a princess. One day, she had a pet. It was a puppy. She named her Sally, as her mother died. She was feeding her puppy, she take good care of her. Then she die like her moter. The End. 

Story #2: The Witch and the Crocodile
Once upon a time, there was a witch. One day, as she was fishing, she saw something swimming in the river. She catch it. Then it was a crocodile. It was green, and it goblle the witch and the witch had died. The End. 

Story #3: The woman, the father who had no child 
One snowy Chrismas Eve, there was a woman and a father. They were very poor and had no children. The woman said, Hmmm...Let's hope we have a child on Chrismas. So the next day, they had a child. They calle Him Tom. He was tiny, he can grow, he can talk. Then they lived happyly ever after. The end.

Story #4: The man and the talking egg and banana
Once upon a time, there was a man. One day, as he was cooking, he took the egg begun to talk, the egg said, So I can't be fryed. and the banana begun to talk, It said, Hello my friend, I want to marry you. But the egg don't want to marry him. So it went away. The End. 

Story #5: The princess and the apron
Once, there was a princess. As she was walking, she saw a woodsman. He said, you look beutiful to me, you can come to my party if you want. But the next day the princess went to the party, she saw there was lot's of food and drinks. They lived happyly every after. The End.

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