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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Justin at 57 Months

Justin turned 57 months old on 25 April 2014.
  • Recently he took to tucking in his t-shirt - something he had refused to do previously no matter what reasoning we tried. I asked him why he tucked in his shirt. His response: "Teacher S said I look handsome when tuck in shirt!"
  • He seems good at twisting his way out of so-called 'unfavourable' situations. E.g. When told he can't have a chocolate which he took when it's not the appropriate time, he would say, 'I look only,' or when he wants to play something but is told that the time is not right, he would say, 'I mean play tomorrow (or any other day)'.
  • He loves to draw. Every day he would come home with a few pieces of drawing - and he puts quite a bit of effort into his work!
  • He's quite crazy over drawing calendars.
  • As part of his creative play he likes to give names to toys and people. His name for Daddy is Clarence and Mummy's is Jessie. His new name? Bar Classic Bicycle Kong. (Update 1 May 2014: Upon investigation, we have found out how he came up with his name. 'Bar' is from Barney (the dinosaur), 'Classic' is from a CD at his babysitter's, 'Bicycle' is from home, and 'Kong' is from Hong Kong.)
  • He is quite expressive of his 'displeasures', often vocally, sometimes physically.
Here's Justin making a postcard. 

[At the start of the project]

[Applying glue on the stamp]

[Putting the stamp]

[Writing the address]

[ product]

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