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Friday, May 25, 2012

Justin at 34 Months

Justin turned 34 months today (25 May 2012).

Here are his updates:
  • He finally understood the concept of potty training. One weekend, we decided to let him go diaperless and gave instructions to blah, balh, blah. He has managed to tell us when he needed to do his business, on weekends and in the daytime at least. Hooray!
  • He likes to sing the Thomas song to Jianna.
  • He's getting more expressive and can converse quite well with Mummy, Daddy and Julian.

Despite some success in getting him to relieve himself in the potty/toilet, accidents were not unexpected. There was one weekend morning, when Mummy and Daddy were engrossed having breakfast. Justin was doodling on a piece of paper when he came to proclaim:
Justin: Mummy... Daddy... it's soooo big!
Mummy & Daddy (blindly answers): Oh, yes... so big! *assuming he drew something big, e.g. airplane, etc.*
Mmmy & Daddy: *but wait... what's so big?!... he's without his diaper... S @ # T!... goes to living room*
We found a nice firm piece of excreta on the carpet. Luckily it was firm and could be cleaned up easily with minimal mess *wipes forehead*.

Like many kids, the boys like to point things out when they travel in the car. Sometimes, Justin's retort can be thought provoking...
Julian: Do you see Komtar?
Daddy: Yes, that's Komtar.
Julian: My eyes are very sharp!
Daddy: Yes, your eyes are very sharp.
Justin: My eyes are smooth!
Daddy & Mummy: ?!?!

[Justin keeping a "smooth" eye on Jianna]

[Justin the overgrown baby]

[Justin on Ah Kong's deck chair]

[Justin on Daddy's shoulders doing a circus act... in case both can't keep their day-jobs...]

[Justin doing some serious potty training, finally!]

[There you are!!]

[X marks the spot!]


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