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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bedtime Routine

Before Jianna came along, come bedtime, Justin is Mummy's charge while Daddy handles Julian. Now that we have Jianna, this is our current bedtime routine, especially during the weekdays:
  • 8.50pm: The boys change into their pyjamas. Jianna would have been changed earlier.
  • 9.05pm: The boys drink milk.
  • 9.25pm: Go to bed! Boys would be herded to brush their teeth. Then, all five of us would go into the boys' room. Jianna is usually still awake.
  • 9.35pm: Night prayer. Boys told to sleep. Jianna usually wants a feed. Justin waits for Jianna to finish while tossing pillows off the bed. Daddy is with Julian, often needing to scratch a few attention-seeking itchy spots and to hold Julian's "insecure" leg. When Jianna finishes, Mummy tucks Justin in to bed while Daddy takes over charge of Jianna and cradles her. Jianna falls asleep in Daddy's arms and Daddy continues reassuring Julian's leg.
  • 10.15pm: Julian normally dozes off first.
  • 10.30pm: Justin dozes off. Daddy deposits a sleeping Jianna on the masterbed. Mummy & Daddy can now breathe...

Recently, Justin objected to Mummy feeding Jianna at bedtime. The following conversation ensued:
Mummy: Mummy has to feed Jianna because Daddy cannot feed Jianna.
Justin: Is too small.
Mummy: What's too small?
Justin: Daddy's breast.
Mummmy & Daddy: ?!?!


Kit said...

Justin is smart - Julian is hilarious!!! I would like to see the leg that needs reassuring LOL

The kids' bedtime are late - what time do they wake up?

We can't keep our kids awake beyond 8.30 pm! Of course, they wake up at 5 am and are wise beyond their years to bug the father and not the mother ;-)

Bart said...

Kit: With the latest routine, Julian wakes up around 7.15am-ish while Justin around 7.45am-ish. Timing is alright because they are in time for kindy (very nearby) at 8.30am. In the past, we used to be consistently late despite hurrying the boys along. At least now we have some buffer time.