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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Justin at 33 Months

Justin turned 33 months on 25 April 2012. On 7 May 2012 he weighed 13.05kg. Not much weight gain, but that's not surprising - no thanks to HFMD!

Here are his updates:
  • He can engage in simple conversation quite well now although his articulation still needs to improve.
  • He seems to be playing more with aeroplanes now and not so much with his trains anymore.
  • He is affectionate towards Jianna and keen to be the big brother - taking things for her, wanting to help lift her from the bouncinette, 'show' her things ("Jianna, see... an Airbus!", etc.) etc.
  • He would mimic how we talk to Jianna :-)
  • He loves Oreo. He would 'peel out' the cream and eat that first.

[Check out these balloons...]

[Tricycle Thrill :-)]

[Don't fret, Jianna. I'll read you a story...]

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