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Monday, May 28, 2012

Julian is 5 Years Old!

Happy Birthday, Julian! Julian celebrated his 5th birthday today (28 May 2012).

Here are his updates:
  • Off and on, he would ask to carry Jianna. We would then position Jianna in his arms :-)
  • He is still excited about Jianna, eagerly showing her off. He would often say, "Come, see our/my new baby!"
  • Sometimes someone would ask whether they can take Jianna home for the night. When it happened the first few times, he would become very quiet - not knowing what to respond. His expression would change and he would look quite distressed. After a while he would say, "But she's OUR baby...". Now he has figured out a response. He would say, "But she needs to sleep on the bouncinette!" :-) Wonder how he would respond if the person says she has a bouncinette at home! :-)
  • He is now able to tell the time for the hours.
  • He can do his homework on his own :-) Hurray!
  • He can button his own shirt.
[Julian is growing taller]

[An even more overgrown baby]

[Julian and Jianna]

Julian celebrated his birthday with his friends at the kindy on 25 May 2012 (Friday). We got him a cake and he requested for Angry Birds decorations. His babysitter prepared some party packs.

[Celebration at the kindy: Julian's Angry Birds cake]

His birthday celebration with our extended family was on 26 May 2012 (Saturday). We had lunch at Sea Palace Restaurant. Mummy specially made him an airplane banana cake with jam biscuits as engines and chocolate pieces as the cockpit windows. The top of the fuselage had his name spelled out using alphabet biscuits.

[Celebration at the restaurant: Julian Air Cargo]

[The Five of Us]

Today, Daddy baked a butter cake and made a simple racing car out of fondont as decoration.

[Celebration at home: Happy birthday to meeee! Fhhhhhh! Justin joined in the formalities...]


Kit said...

Nice cake!!! Your mummy is very creative :)

joyce said...

Happy birthday Julian! That Julian Air Cargo plane is a keeper!