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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jianna at 1 Month

Jianna was one month old on 30 April 2012. She had her first month clinic visit on 2 May 2012. She weighed 4.7kg and her length was 56cm. She is fully breastfed. She was given her second dose of hepatitis B jab. Expectedly, she cried when the jab was administered but quietened down soon after :-)

The initial plan was to celebrate her full moon on 28 April - the feast day of her patron saint, St Gianna Molla. But her full moon celebration had to be put off because the boys were still recovering from HFMD. Besides, she was kept away from her brothers from 25 April to prevent her from catching their germs. She finally got to come out of isolation on 1 May 2012.

[Jianna on Mummy's shoulder]

[All this sleeping is giving me a pain in the neck!]

[One-eyed Jianna]



1 comment:

Kit said...

Happy full moon and thanks for the education on the origin of her name. :)

Has anyone mentioned that she looks like you, Bart? Your elder boy looks like Angie.

I can't figure out your little Buddha though other than he's such a cute and smiley kid!

Too bad the both of you couldn't be the godparents in the end - you would have provided great Catholic guidance :)