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Monday, May 16, 2011

Kuching Holiday 2011: Day 2

In the morning of our second day in Kuching, we went to the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) in Santubong. Our package was RM80 per person for transport and entrance fee (the published entrance fee is RM60). We left the hotel at about 9.00am and the journey to SCV took us 40 minutes. For Angie and I, this was our second visit to SCV, but the first for the boys and my parents. Everything seemed pretty much the same as our last visit in 2005.

Bamboo walkway
[Julian and Mom on the walkway to the Bidayuh longhouse]

Fire at the Bidayuh longhouse
[The boys and Mom stoking the fire at the Bidayuh longhouse]

[Justin and Daddy observing a lady weaving at the Iban longhouse]

Blowing the blowpipe
[Dad trying out the blowpipe at the Penan hut]

Exiting Melanau tallhouse
[Justin and Daddy making their way down the Melanau tallhouse]

Boys on swing
[The boys on a swing under the Malay house]

Julian with chinese hat
[Julian trying out a chinese ratan hat]

While my parents watched the cultural show which ran from 11.30am-12.15pm, we took the boys for lunch as they were hungry. Not even the cool interior of the theater could entice them to stay in (it was sunny and hot during our tour around the SCV grounds). Having our lunch during this time proved to be a wise move as the restaurant was less busy.

Sarawak Laksa
[Sarawak Laksa at SCV]

Mee Kolo
[Mee Kolo at SCV: Minus the char siew (barbecued pork) :o)]

We left SCV at about 1.30pm and made a quick stop at Damai Beach for a look-see before heading back to the city.

Upon our return to the hotel, we noticed that Justin developed red patches all over this tummy and parts of this face. Our initial suspicion was that it could be an allergic reaction to sweat. So, in the evening, while I joined my students at the Pullman Hotel for the preparations for the Imagine Cup Malaysia Finals, Justin was taken to a clinic in Satok.

After being prescribed some Calamine lotion and anti-histamine, Angie and the boys and my parents had a little adventure returning to the hotel. From Satok, they took a bus supposedly back "to Kuching" but the last stop was not anywhere familiar. So, they walked in the direction of the riverfront as this would then lead them back to the hotel. However, as they were walking, it started to rain. As they had only one umbrella, they decided to head to a nearby eatery for dinner since it was already about dinner time. They made it back safely to the hotel on foot at about 7pm.

JUstin's rashes improved after that. Our later suspicion was that it could be due to dust on the bed as the boys were jumping and playing all over. Justin slept on the other bed the second night onwards, and no more jumping on the beds for the boys!

More on our visit to the Sarawak Cultural Village on Chris & Connie's blog.

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