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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Julian at 47 Months

Julian turned 3 years 11 months on 28 April 2011.

Here are his updates:
  • He seems able to apply his phonics skills to read some unfamiliar words :-)
  • He loves reading.
  • He's hooked on the games on daddy's phone.
  • He often accuses Justin of hurting him, especially when he's moody. "Daddy/Mummy, see... Justin kick/push/bite me!" Sometimes they are false accusations...
  • When he is in a playful mood, he has no problems having Justin push him, roll over him, etc. They can get quite rough in their play!
  • He's 'sensitive' about being reprimanded. He would retort "Eh..don't scold me" or "Eh, no shout". He would cry whenever we spank him even if it was very lightly. Then he would ask to be carried.
  • He likes to make funny faces when being photographed.
Julian after haircut
[Julian after a recent haircut]

Julian's Mamee moment
[Julian's Mamee moment]

Julian climbs
[Julian loves a good climb]

Julian sniffing pencil
[Julian sniffs out a suspicious pencil]

Julian pulls up pants
[Julian pulling his pants]

Julian giving a recital
[Julian giving a recital]

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