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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kuching Holiday 2011: Day 1

We went on a 5D/4N holiday to Kuching from 3-7 May 2011. Mom and Dad came along with us. The trip also coincided with the Microsoft Imagine Cup Malaysia Finals in which my students were participating.

Approch to airport
[Our approach to Kuching International Airport]

Justin and the plane
[Justin's maiden flight]

We arrived in the afternoon and checked-in at the Grand Margherita Hotel. We had a quick chicken rice lunch before heading back to the hotel to rest.

Grand Margherita room
[Hotel bed tested and approved: We chose the Deluxe Double which had 2 queen-sized bed... this suited our needs perfectly]

Later in the afternoon, we introduced the boys to the "bot tambang" which took us across the river (50 sen per person, one-way). We didn't venture very far as it was very hot and humid. Furthermore, all this while, Julian was pestering us to "see kucing (cat)"... he had seen photos of us with statues of small playful cats from our previous trip to Kuching. So we crossed the river again to see Julian's cats.

In the bot tambang
[The boys' first bot tambang experience]

Posing with the bot tambang
[Posing with our bot tambang]

The boys with the cat statues
[The playful cats of Kuching and the boys]

James Brooke bistro
[Daddy and the boys at the metal hornbill monument beside the James Brooke Bistro and Cafe]

In the evening, we went on the Sarawak River Cruise from 5.30-7.00pm (RM60 per person). It was a nice and relaxing cruise, enabling us to see popular landmarks such as the Astana, Fort Margherita, the new state legislative assembly building, Brooke Dockyard, the state mosque, and the traditional Malay villages. We were served orange cordial and kek lapis (traditional layer cakes) on board. Halfway during the cruise, the boys konked out... they had had a tiring day.

River cruise
[Mummy and the boys on the cruise]

Sarawak river at sunset
[The Sarawak River at sunset]

More on our Sarawak River Cruise experience on Chris & Connie's blog.

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MeRy said...

Been to Kuching twice,but never have chance to try the cruise.