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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Justin at 21 Months

Justin turned 21 months on 25 April 2011. He weighed 10.85kg during his quarterly visit to the clinic.

Here are his updates:
  • He is already entering the 'terrible two' phase. His tantrums are more frequent and he's not easily pacified. He doesn't really respond to reason, either.
  • He's getting more active physically.
  • He likes to sit on the swing at the playground and can even get himself to swing faster!
  • He can say 'bear', 'da' (duck), 'ji' (cheers), 'chek eh' (cheng ay - hokkien for wear shoes), 'ot' (hot), 'ba' (rainbow), 'noo noo' (our robot vacuum cleaner), 'bu' (blue & balloon)
  • He would often say 'eeee...' (whee) continuously (and loudly) when we drive down a slope.
  • He's fond of biting people. He does this out of excitement and also out of anger. Either way, it hurts! Julian appears to be his most consistent victim...
  • He is often jealous when Julian sits on mummy's lap or when mummy carries Julian.
  • Although he is generally good with food, he doesn't seem to like rice very much at dinner time. He's more receptive to rice if it is wet with soup or some gravy.
  • He likes raisins.
  • He seems to prefer solids to milk.
  • He is relunctant to drink his milk, especially at home. Since his hospitalisation, he has been demanding to be breastfed very frequently. Before his hospitalisation, he was down to being breastfed only at bedtime and once or twice in the middle of the night. In fact, we were in the process of weaning him. Now it seems we're back to square one.

JUstin the Iron Chef
[Justin the Iron Chef]

JUstin's bite
[This is what you get when you get me mad...! Justin's bitemark on Julian's back]

JUstin and his Mamee
[Justin's Mamee moment]

JUstin's snack attack
[Snack attack... again]

Justin playing with papaya
[Playing with papaya]

Justin on the swing
[Justin's swing-a-ling time]

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