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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Julian at 15 Months

Julian turned 15 months old on 28 August 2008. Some observations during the past month:

  • Progressing well on the walking front. When he reaches a tricky terrain (e.g. steps going down), he would extend one of his hands in anticipation for some help. He loves climbing up stairs and riding on the escalator (with help getting on and off of course).
  • He loves to open cupboard doors and drawers and taking things out. We have resorted to using large rubber bands to bind the cupboard door handles together.
  • He is now saying certain words (or sounds) more consistently.
  • He clasps his hands together when asked do "Amen"
  • Three teeth are erupting (two pre-molars and one incisor) and causing lots of drooling. These make a total of 10 teeth.
  • Maintaining three solid meals a day. At the babysitter's, he's still taking three milk feeds (with some expressed breast milk), usually only about 6oz each but often less. At home, he's still breastfed on demand.
  • He has now learnt to drink from a straw.
  • He is still made to fall asleep in the living room with some background music to ward off any other distracting noise. He is then brought into the bedroom to co-sleep with us. He wakes up once or twice a night to be pacified back to sleep, seldom taking a feed in the process.
Word or sounds he is saying:

  • "Air-purh" for "apple" or "ball". Sometimes he will say only "purh" when referring to "ball".
  • "Mmmm" for "moon".
  • "Nana" for "banana". He likes to eat bananas but has only said this once or twice.
  • At the carpark, we sometimes ask him, "Julian, where is the car?" He would point to a car and say "deh!". We're guessing that he's probably learnt to say "there" or he's pronouncing "car" as "deh".

[Julian's pre-molars]

Drinking from a straw
[Julian drinking from a bottle with a straw]


yingniqniche said...

Julian, looks like you will be more adventurous in what you eat now. SookMeh and SookSook has bought you a Red Frog set from Ikea.

mama bok said...

They sure grow fast.. and quick.. :)

Christy said...

God bless your wonderfully cute little boy!:)

huisia said...

wow,he is definitely a fast talker.
Happy 15months old!

Anonymous said...

Glad that he can use straw now. He will take more water by using the straw. Good position to take his pre-molar's shot!
Chui Ying