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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Howling Hairxperience

2 August 2008 saw Julian at the barber for his first commercial crop.

It was late morning when we arrived at the Brothers Hair Saloon in Sungai Dua. Since all the barbers were occupied, Julian observed other patrons getting their haircuts. When his turn came, Julian sat on Mummy's lap and things went well in the beginning. Then, he decided that he didn't like the buzzing sound of the shaver and started fretting. He was fine when the barber switched to the scissors to do some trimming. Even then, he was fidgetty. In the end, we had the barber's apprentice and Daddy trying to distract him long enough for the poor young barber to earn his keep - RM5.

So far so good
[Buzz... buzz... so far so good until...]

[... reinforcements had to be called in]

I made it!
[I made it! Yay!]

1 comment:

Nicholas said...

Wah! So handsome!