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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sitiawan Stopover

On our journey back to Penang after our stay in Pangkor, we took a detour into Sitiawan. We had two objectives here. One was to have seafood lunch at the coconut groves of Kampung Cina (near the famous Kampung Koh).

[A Villa like no other: This is just one amongst a few other seafood outlets in this village]

[Clockwise from top-left: Fried oysters, stir-fried mantis prawns with dried chillies, squid in sambal belacan, and choy tam. Cost us about RM30.]

The other objective was to visit Paul Ling, a friend from our university days. Paul took us to an interesting place called the Strawberry Cafe where we had some facinating desserts.

[From L to R: Angie, Aileen, Paul and Bart]

[Angie and her guava soursop]

[Bart and his peach soursop]

After meeting Paul, we made our way back via the coastal road, stopping by Segari. We had hoped to visit the turtle hatchery but they had closed by the time we arrived. But all was not lost. The sunset at Segari beach was beautiful. The beach is not suitable for swimming though - the waves were big and the beach slopes quite steeply into the sea.

[Turtle Hatchery at Segari]

[Sunset at Segari Beach]

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matrianklw said...

Hey Bart and Angie, Matthew here! Stumbled upon your blog from PeterGladys' blogs! Just dropping by to say hi and how great your blog contents are! Such lovely pictures, lovely places, lovely food, and lovely couple! Will be dropping by often!

PS: Added you on my links. Hope you're ok with that!