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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Magic Tree

We planted "magic trees" on 10 October 2006. After putting together the pieces of cardboard, we poured in a sachet of clear liquid at the base of the trees. After about 6 hours, the trees were fully grown.

[Magic Trees: Out from the box]

[In the beginning: Nothing on the trees]

[After about half-an-hour: "Leaves" started to grow]

[After a few hours: The trees are fully grown]

Apparently, there're some chemicals on the cardboard and in the clear liquid provided. The "leaves" are some form of crystals.


Nicholas said...

I remember dad showed us the "crystal garden" when we were young. Then the trees were submerged, but your tree is grounded. Cool! Where'd you get it?

Bart said...

Niq: Antonia gave them to us. Don't know where she got it from but it came in a Momoyo plastic bag. It can probably be bought from selected gift shops.